six weeks.

On Jan. 4th, we went to our first ultrasound! We were 6 weeks, 3 days so I was worried we weren’t going to see too much. But we actually saw the heartbeat!! It was an incredible feeling and definitely helped in the worrying department. Maybe I can sleep better now 🙂 We get to go back in 2 weeks because baby Y was laying against the yolk sac (what the heck is a yolk sac??), so the doctor couldn’t measure it accurately. I just look at it as a bonus since we get to see him/her again…

It is so hard not to write and say “him” or “her”, so you will probably see me refering to baby Y as POPPYSEED a lot. Ever since Aaron and I found out, that’s what we’ve been calling him/her because that was the size when we found out! So are due date for now is AUGUST 27th, 2013…that might change when baby is measured.

Our First Family Picture 🙂