telling hubbs he is going to be a DADDY.

Aaron and I had planned on taking a home test together on the Friday before Christmas, which would be 16 days after which we were hoping was conception day. BUT… I always thought it would be special to surprise him when the day FINALLY came. So on Monday, Dec. 17th (11 days after and still pretty early) Aaron had to go to work for an hour or two so I decided the night before that I would get up when he left that morning and take a test. It would be the perfect time if it was good news because we were both off of work for a couple of days together. Of course I didn’t have any tests in the house…I stopped keeping a stash because I refused to be that crazy girl who tested all the time (which I was at one point). So as soon as he left for work, I went to the local drugstore and picked one up. Within 30 seconds, BOOM double pink line. I instantly started crying than had to stop because I didn’t want Aaron to know I was crying as soon as he walked in the door. You would think that I would have this telling him thing all planned out, over a year later…but I didn’t. All I was thinking was OMG he’s going to be home soon and I have no idea how to tell him. The first thing that came to mind was the chalkboard wall that we had recently made and thought it would be perfect (it is in the hallway between the garage door and the kitchen so I knew he would be walking right by it). So that’s how I told him 🙂 I pulled out the video camera and had it sitting on the counter and he had no idea the entire time. When he walked in, he was too busy trying to tell me about his morning and walked right past the chalkboard without seeing it, but he soon got the point! I will post the video in a later post…


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