announcing the big news to our families.

Surprising our families with the big news was pretty easy since no one knew that we were even trying (even though I think some were assuming!) We were going to wait until after our first ultrasound before telling family, but since it was right before Christmas when we found out…we thought that it would be the perfect time to announce it! We told each side in a different way…so it was a lot of fun seeing everyone’s reactions.

 We told my family on Christmas eve. We gather over at my grandma and grandpas, and santa comes every year and the kids get to sit on his lap and open a present. Aaron thought that incorporating this would be a great way to announce. So he got on the phone with both my aunt and my mom (two people that we knew for sure would tell everyone else whatever Aaron was about to tell them). He told them that he was going to surprise me with a trip to Mexico for Christmas. He told them he was going to wrap the trip itinerary in a box and give it to me on santa’s lap. That way everyone would be expecting it and watching me. So after all of the kids had their turn with santa that night, my name was called up (of course I acted surprised). Aaron and I both went and sat on his lap, and my aunt handed me the gift. I unwrapped it, said something like “Do you all know what this is?”, pulled out little newborn christmas pjs, and said “The surprise is actually on you guys, we are adding to the family!” They were definitely all taken by surprise, lots of yelling and crying took place. We also have it on video 🙂

 On Christmas day, my Dad and Stepmom came over to our house for a little bit before we had to go to Aaron’ parents. They had been asking for a picture of us to hang up at their house, so I had one framed that we had professionally taken last fall. In the glass frame, I slid in a picture of our dog (Bentley) who was holding a sign that said “I’m going to be a big brother!”. Once they opened it, it took them a second to realize what was going on, but they soon got the point. They were both surprised, we had seen them just a few days earlier and they had no idea!

 For Aaron’s side, we went to one of those personalized Christmas ornament kiosks in the mall. They had the perfect little frame that stood up on a table. At the top, we put “Yoder Family 2012”. We then put everyone in the family’s names on it, and in the last spot at the bottom, we put “baby yoder expected August 2013”. We had his mom open it toward the end of all of the gifts. It took her minute, but soon everyone knew the good news!

 We are waiting till 12 weeks till tell everyone else!


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