our OWN little family.

 Ever since we started trying, I’ve been preparing myself for the TONS of opinions, views, ways of doing things (whatever you want to call it) that we will receive from everyone. This is one of the reasons why we never told anyone that we were trying, which I am so happy with that choice. Yes, Aaron and I are going to be first time parents. We WILL be asking for opinions and other’s experiences, yes we are already reading books, but I know that we will not be fully prepared for this baby until we are actually holding the baby in our arms. We are excited to figure this out on our own, just like we have done with many other things. I am not saying that we won’t be asking for help, because we will. I just know that there are hundreds of ways of doing things, and we can’t wait to figure out and start our own ways 🙂

 SOO just some of the comments (I’m sure we will be adding to this list):

 “Your whole life is going to change…” Yes we know this, and we CANNOT wait. We have been trying very hard and long for this wonderful miracle that God has blessed us with, having to go through things that most people don’t have to. There are going to be times where I say, what the heck was I thinking?? But I know that overall this is going to be the best chapter of our lives and we can’t wait to start it.

 “Once kids come, they are first priority…” My goal is to be the best MOM and WIFE that I can possibly be. Many people have children, and their kids instantly come before their spouse. I know this is hard to balance (especially while working) and I haven’t been there yet, but I hope to keep a good balance.