Gender Reveal Party.

This weekend we had our gender reveal party! We went and had our big ultrasound on Wednesday which we were so excited about. The ultrasound tech was fabulous, and described every little thing that she was looking at. This ultrasound was a huge deal for me, and I am┬áSO glad that everything looked normal and baby was healthy as can be! At this point, baby is measuring four days ahead. She was 11 ounces and should have only been about 8 ounces. (please slow down…I don’t want a 10 pound baby). But these numbers can change several times up until D-day. The ultrasound tech just told us to look away a few times when there was any little chance that we would be able to see the gender. She said that she was 100% confident in the gender, sealed it up in an envelope, and off to the bakery it went! This was the first party we had for baby yoder, and it made me so excited to start having her birthday parties! We invited family and close friends and it turned out great. Instead of the traditional pink and blue theme, I decided on mint green (boy) and yellow (girl).

Here are a few pictures from the day:

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