It’s a GIRL!


On April 6th (20 weeks), we found our that we were having a girl! This was going to be my first “letter to baby” post, but we have decided to go old fashion and Aaron and I each have our own journals. We are each writing letters to her in them and will be giving them to her when she gets older. I love sitting in the glider in her nursery at night writing to her 🙂 Hopefully she will appreciate reading them one day! We could not be more thrilled to be having a girl but we were both in complete shock! We both thought it was a boy from day 1 (even though Aaron changed his mind the day of the gender reveal). Aaron was a bit overwhelmed at first with all the pink things coming into the house and the thought of raising a girl, but I know he is going to be the best dad to this little girl. I try to imagine how it’s going to be, I can’t wait to see them two interact together 🙂 We have had a girl name picked out for awhile now, it was a boy name that we were not agreeing on. We have chose not to tell anybody though until she is born! yes, it is true that we don’t really care to hear what people think about it. But the main reason is that we just want to have something to ourselves 🙂 So anyways, BRING ON THE BOWS AND DRESSES!!


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