Nursery Sneak-Peak

We have come so far with the nursery the past couple of weeks! I really wanted to get the big things done before summer comes so we don’t have to worry about it. All of our furniture has come in and is now set up. We painted the walls a very light pink, my initial choice was a light mint color but I am so glad we went with the color that we did. It turned out great. It took a lot of persuading and showing Aaron pinterest pictures in the Sherwin-Williams store. He said, “I never thought that I would have a pink room in my house.” Oh boy, he has no idea what’s yet to come 🙂 He actually really likes the color now that it is on the walls. We still have to put crown molding up…I think this is going to make a huge difference in the room. I found a gorg wallpaper that is way too expensive from anthropologie. So instead of using it in the main room, I am currently trying to convince Aaron to order it and use it in her closet! We have a chandelier on order from pottery barn…it should be here mid-June. Now I think she needs one in her closet to go along with the adorable wallpaper 🙂 So we have her crib, glider, and dresser/changing table up. Her rug came in this week and I love it…we went with a white sheepskin rug for in front of her crib. Of course it will be good for photos too! So now we just need all the details to bring the room together…mostly things for the walls. Oh and Aaron built her bookshelves this week…they turned out really good!

securedownload1             securedownload       securedownload2         securedownload5

Here is the wall paper:

securedownload4 (2)

These are how we did the bookshelves:

securedownload3 (2)


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