Over Memorial Day weekend, we went on our babymoon. Even though I knew from the beginning that I wanted to take one last vacation before our little girl arrives, I honestly didn’t think it would be possible due to Aaron’s vacation hours. He only will have one week, and he of course wants to use that time when she arrives. So it was definitly last minute, we decided on and booked our trip a week before we went. We had it narrowed down between Mexico and Vegas, and decided Vegas would be perfect for us. We have both been to Mexico and figured that we can always bring her with us there anytime (she will be at plently of beaches in her lifetime!). Neither of us had been to Vegas, and there’s no way we would ever bring her there! (even though there were people strolling young children down the strip at midnight, we will not be one of those people ha). I was at the end of 26 weeks, going into week 27.

The main point of the trip was RELAXATION. And that is just what we accomplished. We didn’t want to go-go-go like we usually do, so we really didn’t do too much. We were pool-side all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We tried out a bunch of different restaurants, and walked the strip (people watching in itself was enough entertainment). We probably walked over 15 miles the whole time we were there! After dinners, we would go into a casino for 20 minutes and play around on our way back to the hotel. Aaron was worried about them being too smoky for me, but the ones we went in were not bad. We were in bed around midnight every night (midnight in Vegas?? My how times have changed :)) On Monday, we went to an outlet mall that has way better outlet stores than we have here (Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, David Yurman to name a few). We of course left there with more stuff for the baby than for ourselves.

Our main conversations evolved around sweet girl. Actually having that much time just to ourselves to talk really opened our eyes to what is to come. Yes we are both nervous, but so excited for this! Were excited to go through this journey together, making mistakes along the way. I think we will be the perfect team though. Everywhere we went, we were always asking eachother how much better it would be if she was with us (even though we know it won’t be as relaxing). We also know how important it is to have time with eachother away from her, so somehow we will have to balance this out. Now that we are back to reality, there are a few things that need to be done pretty quickly:

Our baby shower invitations went out while we were gone, so we need to finalize the registry which is very overwhelming for me. We need to start interviewing pediatricians, I have a couple narrowed down though. And there’s childcare, I don’t even like to think about this one. There are many directions that we can go in with this, each having their pros and cons. I need to call the hospital and schedule a tour, and I am still deciding on if I want to do a breast feeding class. I am currently reading this awesome book on it, and am just worried that the hospital class will not be as up to date as it needs to be. And theres maternity pictures, I haven’t decided if I want to do these or not. I’ve looked at what seems like hundreds of local photographers, and I just haven’t fallen in love with any of their past maternity shoots. We have booked our newborn photographer though and I can’t wait for those!!










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