28 weeks.


Well hello there third trimester!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. I just keep thinking how the heck can I be 7 months pregnant already…it makes me sad to think about because it makes me realize that in no time our little girl is going to be 7 months old before we know it. Is it crazy that I am already depressed about how fast she is going to grow? I just keep reminding myself that when she is here, how important it is take advantage of every little second that we have with her.

How far along? 28 Weeks

Total weight gain: up 13 lbs! That’s up 7.5 lbs in 4 weeks since last time I went…we can’t keep going at that rate ha. My doctor said its my body catching up from not gaining in the beginning and that I’m still below the average. If I gain 1 lb a week (what it should be) from here on out, I will be right at 25 lbs. eating whatever I wanted was fun while it lasted!

Maternity clothes? still wearing dresses and maxi skirts all the time…one of the many advantages of being pregnant in the summer. I have a couple of maternity shorts and a few tops but mostly still fitting in my old summer tops. The maternity shorts are super comfy though.

Stretch marks? Not yet! (knock on wood). I did go a few hours one day super bummed because I thought I was getting one…turns out it was just a line from my pants ha. It was also the day i first noticed the very very faint linea nigra that decided to pop up.

Sleep: sleeping great…just wake up usually once to go to the bathroom.

Best moment this week: I had my doctors appointment this week, which is always great to hear that heart beat and hear that everything is going perfectly. I cant believe we go every two weeks now! On a crappy note…Aaron is out of town for work this week which stinks. I sure do have an appreciation for girls whose husbands travel all the time…because I couldn’t do it! He barely ever travels. I’m sure it will be even harder when the baby is here and he has to leave us.

Miss Anything? not really. I really do love being pregnant so far…that might change when it gets to the end but we will see.

Movement: all day and all night now. I love laying on the couch and watching her move in there! I’m still trying to figure out what is an arm and what is a leg still.

Food cravings: still lots of fruit!! Specifically watermelon…I could eat it everyday! and waffles with fruit on them!

Symptoms: The severe pelvic pain only happened a few more times and hasn’t happened in a couple of weeks. Maybe it was round ligament pain…but holy moly it was super painful! The new thing is leg cramps. Every single time I sleep, I wake up with a cramp in my leg. Whether it be my calf, the side of my leg, or my foot…it seems to never fail. The worst one I’ve ever had was a few days before we left for vegas…I seriously was in tears it was so bad and it would not go away for a couple of minutes. It was so sore for several days after, which made walking around in vegas pretty interesting.

Gender: GIRL!!

Labor Signs: No…but I do get braxton hicks probably once a day now. When I first told Aaron about what they are, he was really concerned ha. But of course he did his own research and now understands what they are 🙂 It’s cute how concerned he gets.

Belly Button in or out? It’s pretty much flat now! I’m sure by the end of this pregnant it will be an outie.

Wedding rings on or off? on. not getting too much swelling yet…my feet got a little swollen when we would walk around a lot in vegas is all.

Looking forward to: I booked maternity pictures this week and I am so excited!! Were doing them week 33. I have 5 weeks to find outfits! I also took a break on the nursery…so I need to get back on that. We just have little things left…but that is always the hardest part for me! And hopefully our chandelier comes in next week. And my shower is less than 3 weeks away!


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