Father’s Day

baby girl,

This past Sunday was Father’s Day. Even though you aren’t officially here yet…we still couldn’t pass up a reason to celebrate! Most of the festivities involved food…which I think was more than ok with your momma and your dad 🙂 I’m sure you will soon learn that we love holidays around here. We slept in late Sunday morning…next Father’s Day I’m sure it will be just your dad doing the sleeping in. We got up, and I put together a waffle bar for brunch while daddy put the finishing touches on the crown molding in your nursery. I’ve really been into breakfast these days…which is probably a good thing since soon I will be having to actually make breakfast everyday for you. Your dad and I have always talked about how we would love to actually wake up in the mornings and eat breakfast together…but our schedules are still pretty opposite.

Here’s all the fixin’s for the waffles I made:


Here’s one of the concoctions that your dad came up with:


After brunch, we hung out at the pool for a couple hours. Then we had a quick patio late lunch at Panera before heading to a couple stores to try to find the perfect curtains for your nursery. Fail.

We came home and took the dog, which I’m sure will be your best friend very soon, for a walk. Be ready to go on lots of walks. I try to persuade dad to let me take the cat in your stroller around the neighborhood but he quickly shuts that idea down every time.


We then grilled out…one of our favorite things to do in the summer! Here is your dad man-ing the grill:


We ended the night by hanging a few pictures and shelves in your room. Probably a bad idea because it was late, I hadn’t yet planned out where the pictures were exactly going, and I might have been a little crabby 🙂 But the wall turned out perfectly!

I’m sure next Father’s Day will be WAY more exciting since you will actually be with us to help celebrate how much of an amazing dad you have 🙂 Let me just tell you, you are one LUCKY girl!


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