30 weeks


We are officially in the 30’s!! That’s a little crazy to think about. Only 70 days left (give or take a few)!

How far along? 30 Weeks (this update is a few days late)

Total weight gain: up 10 lbs at my 30 week appt

Maternity clothes? still lots of dresses and maternity shorts with tank tops. I do have one pair of old jean shorts that I’ve been living in; see babe…I knew I was hoarding my “freshman 15” clothes for a reason!

Stretch marks? so far so good!

Sleep: starting to get more and more uncomfortable at night. Her kicks are starting to be not so pleasant, particually the blows to the ribs at night. Also having some low back pain at night.

Best moment this week: feeling her hiccups for the first time at the cardinals game!!

Miss Anything? not really. I really do love being pregnant so far…that might change when it gets to the end but we will see.

Movement: is an understatement. Saturday night, Aaron and I were laying in bed watching her move for an hour. She was completely transverse (sideways). We could actaully feel her head and her butt, which she kept sticking up and making wierd shapes on my belly.

Food cravings: same things…mostly fruit. I have less of an appetite again, probably because it feels like everything is pusing up into the bottom of my throat constantly.

Symptoms: just uncomfortable in general…which scares me since I have two more months to go. Sitting is the worst. If I slouch over at all, I feel like my organs are going to come up through my throat. I told Aaron the other day that I figured out why pregnant women always rest their hand on top of their belly… to push down and take the pressure off! Considering I have a pretty long torse, I feel for those girls who don’t! Alright baby girl, you can start moving “out” now and not “up”.

Gender: GIRL!!

Labor Signs: Nope, still just Braxton Hicks

Belly Button in or out? It’s still a “flatie”

Wedding rings on or off? on. I’m sure once it get’s hotter they will be off.

Looking forward to: Our baby shower is Sunday! Can’t wait to celebrate her awaiting arrival!


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