32 weeks


I can’t believe I’m 8 months pregnant already! She is definitely going to be here before we know it. It’s scary to say she’s going to be here next month! Now that pretty much everything is ready for her to make her grand debut and its getting closer towards the end, I feel like it is going by slower.

How far along? 32 Weeks

Total weight gain: up 14 lbs at my 32 week appt

Maternity clothes? living in dresses. I did splurge and buy a pair of designer maternity jeans for our maternity pictures though.

Stretch marks? they haven’t made their appearance yet…I’m hoping I don’t get them post-partum!

Sleep: not very good! I’m averaging about 3 bathroom trips per night (not exaggerating). In the morning, if I don’t get out of bed early my belly and back start to hurt and it’s super uncomfortable. But it goes away as soon as I get up.

Best moment this week: going through and organizing all of her things was exciting. I still have to wash everything. Aaron and I also had a lot of fun one night putting together her swing and her rock’n’play!

Miss Anything? not really. Still loving being pregnant so far…hopefully all of my pregnancies are this easy! ( please don’t ask when that is going to be ha)

Movement: all the time. She mainly lays sideways…we can feel her little head and bottom on each side of my belly. The movements are turning more into rolling movements, with tons of kicks/punches in the ribs.

Food cravings: watermelon.

Symptoms: lots of Braxton hicks, also starting to get nausea again if I go too long without eating. And her lying on my bladder thing is no joke! Aaron and I went golfing the other day…and I’m sure he won’t be asking me again haha. I won’t even say how many pee breaks we had to take.

Gender: GIRL!!

Labor Signs: Nope, still just Braxton Hicks

Belly Button in or out? still just flat…we will see if it goes out or not.

Wedding rings on or off? on and not tight yet.

Looking forward to: maternity pictures! And we are doing an ultrasound coming up!


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