baby girl is HEAD DOWN!!

We went and had an ultrasound yesterday (33 weeks) to make sure baby girl was growing like she should. I was super excited to have another ultrasound before she comes! They did some measurements of her to make sure she was where she needed to be and not too small. Her belly measured a couple of days behind…I asked the lady what this could mean and she said absolutely nothing, just that she might be more on the long and lean side. But according to the size of her cheeks…holy moly I don’t where she gets those from. But I looked back at my newborn picture and I had those same cheeks! They measured her head…and we both started laughing when the lady told us her head was measuring way ahead. She most definitely gets that from her papa ๐Ÿ™‚ No surprise there…but it doesn’t make me any more excited about the whole delivery thing. Everything else measured exactly where it should. They calculated her weight to be 4 lb 3 oz, which is the 35ish (I don’t remember exactly) percentile. They said normally they gain a half a pound per week from here on out, which would be another 3.5 lbs. I’m anxious to see how accurate that is…a lot can change before then. We didn’t get very good pictures of her…she had her face smashed into my uterus the whole time and her hands in front of her face. Her nose looked wide and flat (which neither of us have)…but it could of been because it was being smashed.

The best news though is that baby girl is head down!! You have no idea how excited I was to hear that. I know a lot can change and she can still move around…but hey at least she knows how to go head down! The last few weeks she loved hanging out sideways in there. But on the 4th of July…I had a feeling I could feel her rotate down. And ever since then, her kicks are only in the ribs now. Also, I knew by where I could feel her hiccuping. For some reason…I was really worried that she was never going to turn. I was already googling ways to turn her ๐Ÿ™‚


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