34 weeks

At 34 weeks, our little girl is the size of a butternut squash or a cantaloupe this week. She opens and closes her eyes, and her pupils even constrict when exposed to bright lights. She weighs about 4.75 lbs and is 18 inches long. She recognizes Aaron and I’s voice now…so we make sure to talk to her a lot!

How far along? 34 Weeks

Total weight gain: up 16lbs

Maternity clothes? still just a couple pair of shorts and a pair of jeans…don’t plan on buying anymore!

Stretch marks? they haven’t made their appearance yet…I’m hoping I don’t get them post-partum! Still applying lotions twice a day

Sleep: I haven’t been sleeping at all. Getting very uncomfortable when I lay down

Best moment this week: Aaron and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary, last one childless! We went to PF Chang’s for dinner then sat outside at Cheesecake Factory for cheesecake of course! Best of both world’s đŸ™‚

Miss Anything? nope…well sleep would be nice but I don’t really see that for the next few years now!

Movement: I can tell that she is still head down! Lots of kicks in the ribs…I can now tell whats a foot, can’t wait till she drops!

Food cravings: nothing new

Symptoms: still Braxton hicks. Lots of pressure in my upper chest to wear my appetite isn’t the greatest. My feet/ankles now are swollen after a shift at work.

Gender: GIRL!!

Labor Signs: Nope,

Belly Button in or out? Aaron and I now call it a donut. The outer circle is poking out…I guess you’d have to see it haha

Wedding rings on or off? on and not tight yet. Actually took them off in the lake this weekend because they were so loose.

Looking forward to: crossing more things off the to-do list! And our birthing class is coming up!



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