And it’s official, were full term folks. Can’t believe we’re at 37 weeks. The reality that she could come anytime in the next 3 weeks is pretty crazy to think about. Full term to many is not a big deal. Everyone makes it to at least full term right? Well where I work I see every single day where babies don’t make it there. Not. Even. Close. Blessed is an understatement. I’ve been waiting for this day since back in December when we found out. I thank God every single day that she is still hanging out and healthy in there. I never thought I would worry so much about my daughter before she was even here! Anyways, to say that we are excited to meet her is a huge understatement. We are getting anxious. Bring on the sleepless nights. We are ready for our world to be turned upside down 🙂

I went for my weekly check up today. I’ve “thinned out” from 0% on Friday to 80% today in just 4 days. Just 1 cm dilated from 0. She’s also still very low. My belly was measuring even smaller today…five weeks behind when normally it’s 3 weeks behind. Good thing we had an ultrasound scheduled right afterwards. My doctor was worried my fluid levels were low, which would of meant baby today. Oh boy, I wasn’t ready to hear that. That was an eye-opener that she could be here any day. But everything looked ok. We also did a fetal NST which came back reactive (good). It’s probably time to actually put the packed hospital bags in the car 🙂


2 thoughts on “FULL TERM!

  1. Congrats on reaching 37 weeks – I’m around the same at the moment too, and I agree that it’s a real blessing! Hm, is it usually part of the routine checkup where they check how far dilated you are? I didn’t get one in my last checkup… Hope all goes well, all the best!

    • Thanks! My doctor starts checking at 36 weeks and checks every week from there. I know some doctors/midwives who do not check because it’s a pretty unreliable measurement of when labor is actually coming. Good luck to you too!

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