Stella: Two Month Update

I can’t believe we have a two month old already! I feel like it was just last week that I was anxiously waiting to meet her. I will never forget the first moment we saw her. I wish I could re-live that moment over and over again. I wish we could re-live those first two weeks. I know I say this all time time, but it’s crazy how fast time is going by. She has changed so much in these past nine weeks. I was comparing old and new pictures of her the other day, it’s sad to think what I’ve already forgotten just a few weeks ago. I am trying to enjoy every single minute I have with her, trying to slow our days down so time doesn’t go as fast.

Weight: 10 lbs 8 oz at her two month appointment. Her weight is in the 29th percentile and her length is in the 88th percentile (23.5 inches from 19.25 at birth!). Long and lean!

Hair: Her hair on top that she lost is coming back in pretty quickly! The new hair is looking pretty light so I’m anxious to see.

Eyes: Still blue but getting lighter!

Diapers: We switched over to size ones at seven weeks only because we ran out of newborns and I was tired of making diaper runs. She is just now starting to fill them out at nine weeks. She has no butt and skinny legs like her dad.

Clothes: We started putting her in 0-3 months at seven weeks. I was excited because she got to wear some of her cute summer outfits while it was still unusually warm out. She is now too tall and her monstrous feet don’t fit in her newborn pjs anymore.

Eating: We are still exclusively breastfeeding. It is going great. I pump (most days) twice a day and try to freeze about 10 ounces every day. Aaron gave her her first bottle at 6 1/2 weeks. We wanted to make sure she was going to do ok with it. Both Stella and Dad did great! She took three ounces in about five minutes! She has now had four bottles and takes them like a champ. I still nurse her on demand, so usually anywhere from two to four hours during the day.

Her feeding schedule at night is:

I nurse her anywhere from 7:00 and 8:00 pm then lay her down
3:00-5:00 am
7:00-9:00 am, then she’s up for the day

Sleeping: She is still sleeping in her bassinet in our room. I don’t know how long thats going to last because shes a mover so it’s getting to be a little small for her. During her daytime naps in her crib, she usually ends up completely sideways and at the other end from where I left her. At night, she sleeps from 7-8 pm to 7-9 am. She gets up once to nurse in bed with me, then goes right back to sleep. She started sleeping a 8-9 hour stretch before waking to nurse at 8 weeks…she was doing six hour stretches before that starting at 6 weeks. We still have yet to experience a night where she’s been up all night…she’s pretty amazing! I’m scared to even write this 🙂

A few firsts this month:
*She rolled over from her belly to her back at five weeks, and it hasn’t happened since.
*I left her for the first time at 7 weeks. I met Aaron for lunch and Stella stayed with grandma.
*We took her to her first Mizzou game (8 weeks)
*We’ve been to a couple pumpkin patches, picked apples, and been on a couple hayrides.
*She went to her first wedding and was asked to be a flower girl for another wedding next year!
*Oh and she could possibly be witnessing her first World Series win!!

Here’s some pictures from Stella’s two month photo session that I took: