Happy Fall

Fall has officially arrived in the Yoder house! Let the fall festivities begin. This past weekend, we went down to Oktoberfest in St. Charles. You didn’t seem to notice too much, passed out in your stroller most of the time. Oh but other people did…we can’t take you anywhere without a truckload of people stopping to ooh and ahh over you. Dad and I have made a pact to act like we don’t hear most people. That way we don’t have to stop every two seconds. It’s always how cute/adorable you are, then they ask how old you are and what your name is. ALWAYS. Daddy likes to tell them your two years old. I may or may not make up really crazy names just to see their reaction. Anyways, momma was a little disappointed with the crafts this year but we did get you a couple hair bows…just what you needed right??
On Sunday we took you to Eckerts for the first time! The weather was kind of a bummer, it was a little warm. But we of course still dressed for the occasion. There’s no going to Eckerts dressed for summer. It was supposed to be a Yoder family affair, but your silly mom and dad went to the wrong one. We still had fun though! I was imagining you stumbling around there next year on your own! Then I quickly shut that idea out of my head. You were pretty cute with your dad carrying you in the wrap. And he was cute wearing momma’s pink nursing cover around his neck to keep the sun off of you šŸ™‚ here’s a few pictures of us apple picking…we made apple crumb muffins!










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