Stella: Four Month Update

Sweet girl, you are one-third of a year old now. Four months. All I keep thinking is how you will be six months before we know it, then we will be planning your first birthday party. Is it crazy that I am already secretly planning it in my head, and I may or may not already know what we are going to get you? Where has the time gone? I remember the days after we brought you home from the hospital when you would just lay on momma’s chest all-the-time. Those moments are rare now. You love to be on the move. You will sit on our laps while we read books to you though. You absolutely LOVE reading time. When you see a book in our hands, you get this big smile and start waving your arms up and down. Seriously the sweetest.

Momma cherishes the times that you fall asleep on me while nursing. I am hesitant to lay you down because it doesn’t happen much! We think back and laugh about how we used to walk around with you for up to an hour in order for you to fall asleep on our chest before laying you down. Now, you want nothing to do with it. If your done eating at night, you will cry until we lay you down in your crib; then you will instantly stop.

You are into your toys so much more now. We sit you in your bumbo with the tray and you pick up your toys and they go straight into your mouth. You are still drooling a lot. I bet we see some teeth popping through within this next month. You LOVE to chew on cold teethers and sophie the giraffe. We lay you down on your play mat or anywhere for that matter, and you instantly roll over to your belly. No more leaving you on your changing table while momma picks out your outfit for the day. Standing up must be the cool thing to do these days, you would much rather do this then lay on your back.

You most definitley know who your daddy and momma are now. We walk into the room, and you act like you haven’t seen us in days. Your reaction is the best. You will be in the living room and will notice me all the way in the kitchen. Bentley is also gaining your interest more and more these days. You will stare and smile at him for as long as he is in front of you.

What we did this month with you:

You had your first Thanksgiving. You were a little overwhelmed with all of the people and loud noises…I don’t blame you! You wore a “vintage” looking dress from baby gap 🙂 We didn’t seem to get a family picture all together.imageStella's 1st Thanksgiving

We took you out of Missouri for the first time to go to the SEC championship game with Mizzou vs Auburn in Atlanta. People probably thought we were crazy for bringing you, I was a little nervous myself. But you were pretty awesome. Even during the car ride down there that took twelve hours instead of nine. While we were down there, we checked out the Georgia Aquarium.




We had your first snow…definitely a memorable one! We drove in it for most of our trip down to Atlanta.


You met Santa…three times! The first time we were walking by him at the mall, and I’m guessing he was bored because we stopped so you could just see him and he asked to hold you. Then we took you as planned the next weekend and then he was at the aquarium in Atlanta. That is one busy man!




Stats: 14 lbs 4 oz (47%) 24.75 in long (57%)

Hair: Blonde! A whole lot of peach fuzz.

Diapers: We have a few more size ones then we are moving on to size twos!

Clothes: 3/3-6 months. I went through all of her clothes the other day, putting away her newborn and 0-3 months. It made me realize how much she really has grown…she was in newborns for a long time and they were all so tiny! I just did some online shopping and ordered a bunch of 3-6 months for the rest of the winter. Most of her clothes come from baby gap, old navy, h&m, and zara.

Eating: Still exclusively breastfeeding. She is still nursing anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours when she is awake during the day. She is so much more effecient when it comes to nursing now. She is usually full in about ten minutes. She only gets a bottle when I am at work, usually one or two days a week. She takes five to six ounces at a time. So far, we haven’t had to touch my freezer supply; I am able to pump enough for her to have fresh milk. We don’t plan on starting solids until she’s six months. Our plan is to skip baby cereal and start with baby oatmeal and pureed fruits/veggies. We are going to try to avoid store bought food. That will be an exciting time!

Sleeping: Still a great sleeper. We put her down at 8pm and she wakes up around 8 in the morning. I have been reading about the four month sleep regression period…I’m hoping Stella didn’t get that memo. We will see. We have had a bedtime routine ever since she was about a week old and we were able to give her tub baths. She gets a bath every night either in her tub or in the big tub with Aaron or I. After bathtime, I nurse her in her room. If she is super tired, she will fall asleep while nursing after about ten minutes. If not, I lay her down in her crib after she’s done eating and she’s asleep within two minutes. She sleeps with a little breathable blanket that has a silk edge, always right up against her face. She only gets it in her crib. She has always been a belly sleeper, and every once in awhile I will find her awake and rolled over to her back just talking to herself. I usually just go in and turn her back on her belly, and she falls right back asleep.