Stella: Seven Month Update

So many new things have happened this month! All of these new milestones are being hit and I am excited and sad at the same time. Sweet girl is getting such a personality and is so much fun. What’s new?

*she has transitioned from the army crawl to the full on real deal crawl! She follows Aaron and I around everywhere and loves chasing the dog and cat.

*speaking of the dog, bentley and Stella are BFFs. Everywhere one is, the other is usually right there too. She squeals when she sees him in the morning or when we come home.

*one of her favorite things to do is walk around and look at pictures on the walls. We point and name everyone in the pictures and she gets a huge smile on her face. She will starting fussing if we stop and walk away.

*she pulls herself up to a standing position on EVERYTHING! the ottoman, couches, bentley, dresser knobs, our legs, the walls, her crib, mama’s curtains. She even walks along the edge of things.

*I say “give mama kisses” and she gets this huge smile and opens her mouth wide open into my cheek. seriously the best thing ever.

*loves to blow raspberries (especially in church) and blow on our arms

*she holds her hand out and “waves” when she wants something

*still LOVES when we read to her and likes turning the pages

*when she gets tired and I pick her up, her thumb goes into her mouth and her other hand goes straight up into my hair. seriously the cutest thing ever.

*she played on the swings at the park for the first time…she squeals and flails her arms up and down everytime we push her.

Stats: Im gonna guess around 18 lbs…she is really starting to chunk out! Love her thigh rolls!

Hair: Blonde and crazy, starting to get more!

Diapers: we moved to size 3’s only because we ran out of 2’s

Clothes: She is in a few 6 month clothes, but mostly 6-12 month clothes and 9 month pjs. I have recently found out how much more fabulous the 12 month clothes from Target are from the bigger girls section! Excited for her to start wearing all of her summer clothes/dresses!

Eating: Well we started solids at six months and it has definitley been an adventure. We are doing purees and some baby led weaning. She is now eating three meals a day after she nurses. She usually eats three cubes of purees at each meal or a homemade pouch if we are on to go. The first thing we gave her was oatmeal. She wasn’t so sure of it at first, but now she LOVES it. Her favorite food by far is blueberries and greek yogurt.

Sleeping: The whole last month has been a challenge when it comes to sleeping. There were so many new things going on (solids, crawling, standing, teething) that sweet girl thought there was no time to sleep! We would lay her down and she would stand right up in her crib and refuse to lay down, no matter how tired she was! Naps during the day were the worst. She went from falling asleep independently and wanting nothing to do with being rocked to only wanting to fall asleep on us. And she started waking up in the middle of the night (which she hasn’t done since one month old) and refusing to go back to sleep unless nursed. She was definitely hungry so I’m thinking she was going through a growth spurt. Just this past week things have gotten a lot better. But I didn’t really mind the middle of the night feedings 🙂 We start bedtime routine around 7 and she’s usually asleep by 8. She wakes up anywhere from 6:30 to 8 in the morning.