Stella: Eight Month Update

Not exactly sure how we have an eight month old. People say how fast it goes, but holy moly are they not kidding. It feels like Stella is learning new things every single day. She now claps, plays peek-a-boo with you, waves hi and bye, and does “so big”. She has been crawling for a while now but she is definitely faster and more into everything that she shouldn’t be. She loves to explore the house now. She is more interested in exploring than playing with her toys. She has started to climb things like our entertainment center. The other day she was hanging out on the second shelf of our buffet table in the dining room. She follows me around the house, tying climbing up my legs.

She has started to stand up and let go of what she’s holding on to. She even stands up and walks while pushing behind something. Her favorite things are boxes and bags that she can put her toys in then dump them out. She likes to try to chew on electical cords, try to pull toasters down on her head, and eat toilet paper haha. Her favorite thing is when we read books to her. She will sit still on our laps forever reading books. When the book is done, she picks it back up and whines until we read it again. Her favorite right now is “I Love You Through and Through”. She loves to turn the pages. The other day she randomly bent down and kissed the little boy on the page. Now she does it everytime. Seriously the sweetest thing ever.

My most favorite thing this month? Cuddles! Stella is a lot more cuddly then she used to be. She will let me rock her and she lays her head on my chest, sucking her thumb and playing with my hair. Sometimes she will fall asleep, but mostly she falls asleep on her own in her crib.

Stats: 19 lbs 27 in

Hair: Blonde, it’s finally growing!

Diapers: size 3’s

Clothes: 6-12 month clothes; she’s starting to bust out of her 9 month pjs, literally diaper out snaps open in the morning.

Eating: She is starting to eat what we are eating at meal times, which means I am cooking healthier! We still give her some purees…She is addicted to pouches, she sucks those things down in seconds and screams for more. Her favorite meal is garlic chicken/carrots/brocolli/pasta and her favorite “dessert” is greek yogurt. Sometimes I feel like she is a bottomless pit. She still nurses 5-7 times a day. She now has three teeth (two bottom and right upper lateral incisor), with what looks like three more coming in on top.

Sleeping: I can offically say (knock on wood) that we are over our sleep regression from last month! She is back to sleeping all night long again and taking great naps. She does get up earlier now (around 6:30 or 7), so she is usually asleep by 7:30 every night. She usually takes a three¬†hour morning nap and a two hour afternoon nap.¬†Bath time before bed is still her favorite. We do bath, then pjs and read a book, nurse, then bed. How do you know when she’s tired? You pick her up and she immediatley puts her thumb in her mouth and plays with your hair. I love it.