Stella: Eleven Month Update

At 11 months, Stella is getting more fun by the minute. We are absolutely loving this stage with her. She makes us laugh all day long with the stuff she does. She definitely has her daddy’s goofiness! Her current favorite activities are to go through all the cabinets in the house, crawl all over the dog, play in his water bowl and the toilets, and climb the stairs. She goes over and sits on the bottom step, looks at us, and darts up them squealing as soon as we start going over to her. She loves to be chased by us too.

She now says dada, mama, book, dog, and night night! She is obsessed with dogs. She will spot one on a birthday card at Target or on someone’s shirt, point and say “dog!”.

Now that she stands up on her own, she has started taking a step before falling. I’m sure we will have a walker soon!

She loves to give kisses, play patty cake, blow raspberries on us, and do “so big”.

Stats: we will know at her 1 year appt!

Hair: Blonde, it’s getting pretty long! We can clip a bow in it now!

Diapers: size 3′s

Clothes: 12 months, 6-12 month clothes

Eating: Sweet girl LOVES to eat. She is always happy when she’s eating. She still nurses 5-7 times a day. We still six teeth now, but she’s getting two more on bottom. Her current favorite foods are cucumbers, spaghetti, blueberries, and any meat.

Sleeping: bedtime is still 7:30/8 and she is up anywhere from 7 to 8 in the morning. She still takes two naps a day but we wake her up after 1 1/2 hours; that way she sleeps longer in the mornings. She would sleep three hours if I let her. When she gets tired, she wants to be held or will crawl on us and lay down. She has always sucked her thumb when she’s tired, but she is starting to do it more and more now.