Stella: Ten Month Update

Ten months. I can’t believe the time has come to start planning her first birthday party. I sit and watch her all the time, thinking how much she has grown and learned from the day we brought her home. People ask us all the time when the next one is coming. I want to soak up as much time with just her as I can. It’s not that I’m afraid to have another one because it will be harder, but right now I just can’t see it. It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea of loving another child as much as we love her, even though I have no doubt that we will one day. God has truly blessed us way more than we deserve.

Whats new this month?

She is definitely becoming her own person. She has no problem letting us know what she does and doesn’t want! She points at EVERYTHING, saying “duh”. She is obsessed with looking at pictures hanging up. Every time we walk by a light switch, she has to flip it up or down, then gets this huge smile on her face.

She now says dada and mama!

She will be in the middle of the room, and just stand up by herself without pulling up or holding on to anything. But she won’t let go if she is hanging on to something. Weird. She did this the first time on our vacation in Florida.

She walks behind her little stroller, pushing her teddy bear around.

She loves to clap for herself after she does something she’s proud of. Or when we give her food.

She has turned into a complete mamas girl ever since we got back from vacation. She’s not a fan of me walking away from her.

She has learned to share her food and water. She gives us bites and claps and squeals after. She even offers her snacks to strangers walking by at Target.

Her favorite toy is a baby doll, she loves to give her kisses.


Stats: 19 lbs 8 oz 27 3/4 in at 9 months.

Hair: Blonde, it’s getting pretty long!

Diapers: size 3′s

Clothes: 9 month, 12 months, 6-12 month clothes

Eating: Sweet girl LOVES to eat. She is always happy when she’s eating. She eats everything that we do now. She still nurses 5-7 times a day. I don’t see her being done nursing in two months. We have six teeth now and more on the way! Her favorites are toast, any fruit, Greek yogurt, peas and green beans, and any meat. She will go for meat before anything else on her tray. She doesn’t get that from her mama!

Sleeping: bedtime is still 7:30 and she is up anywhere from 6 to 7 in the morning. She still takes two naps a day but were working on spacing them out and shortening them. She would sleep three hours if I let her. When she gets tired, she wants to be held or will crawl on me and lay down. She starts sucking her thumb and wraps her arm around my neck, playing with my hair.